The Advantages of Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

At a time when there are so many options available, not only in Mexico and North America, but throughout the world, it’s important to know what distinguishes Playa del Carmen real estate from the other options. The following are a few of those points.The Most Beautiful Beaches. Many travelers, websites and guides have identified the beaches running for miles north and south of Playa del Carmen as the most beautiful they have ever seen. They are very wide, with soft, white sand, and turquoise water unlike any other. When you see the pictures, you’ll think they were re-touched, since they are so perfect; when you see reality, you will see that even those “perfect” images fall short of their true splendor.Largest Growing Community in Latin America. These very beaches and the surrounding nature have attracted a large number of tourists and expats. For this reason, Playa del Carmen has become Latin America’s fastest growing community, and with this has come to offer many benefits for retirees, investors, vacationers and families.Variety of Property Options. One of the benefits of the growth in Playa del Carmen real estate is the variety of property types. Beachfront condos, golf-course homes, fixer-uppers, land for building a home, small, gated “boutique” communities, and marina resorts are just a handful of the excellent options available.Many Modern Services. Along with the growing tourism and real estate industry have come a large number of modern conveniences. These include everything from large new malls with English, big-screen movies, to state-of-the-art hospitals and excellent bilingual schools. Playa del Carmen is also home to Latin America’s first PGA golf course. The Cancun International Airport, Mexico’s second largest, is only 45 minutes away.Close Access to Many Places to Visit. In addition to the beaches, visitors can enjoy nature through the area’s eco-parks or a number of very large wildlife reserves. There are also a number of beautiful colonial cities less within a few hours. For a larger modern city, Cancun is also a short distance away. Some of the world’s most spectacular pyramids are in the area.Quaint, European Atmosphere. Playa del Carmen’s downtown has been partly defined by a large number of Italian expats, and, along with the low-rise building laws, they have given the city somewhat of a European provincial taste. The beaches, resorts and downtown area have also been identified as one of the most romantic areas in the world, often being listed in the top 10, along side places like Paris or the French Riviera.If you need more reasons, come and visit; you will certainly see that Playa del Carmen real estate is something unique.